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Site Updates – Many To Come Soon

This is my first post in a while – so sorry for the long wait for any updates.

Unfortunately I have been neglecting this site a lot lately.

But the reason is that lately I’ve been working on building and making money from the type of sites that I talk about here (among a few other things) – so will have some good updates and useful articles to post here again soon, over the next few weeks and months.

In the meantime though, what I’ve written about George Brown’s Google Sniper method is still true; it can and does still work (with some modifications and updates – now available in the third version of the course as well as on this site and other sites like it) and it is possible to make money as an affiliate marketer (and other ways, but this is my personal favourite) in 2015 and most likely beyond as well.  There are a number of articles on this blog that you may find interesting and also some links to other useful resources.

Please come back again over the next few weeks – I’ll be posting some new and interesting updates then!

Here are some links to posts that may be of interest:

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